Joe Speciale

Senior Business Systems Analyst
Joe is a Senior Business Systems Analyst with a wide range of technical skills and 25 years of experience. He possesses an in-depth understanding of business processes and data as well as an ability to design and deliver robust solutions. His refocus on cloud based systems development in the non-profit sector brings a deep understanding of the distinctive data and development characteristics of these systems.

Mark Westwind

CRM Senior Developer
Mark Westwind has over 30 years professional and technical experience working with businesses, community agencies and non-profit organizations. Mark's technical background includes designing, developing, deploying and supporting data management systems, creating websites and wikis, and implementing customized SaaS CRM and ERP systems. Mark is also principal at Westwind Associates.

Kirk Watson

CRM Practice Lead
Kirk brings more than 15 years of experience with systems and technical implementations. His experience as a technical project lead allows him to ensure both momentum and requirements clarity. Kirk has an ability to see both the forest and the trees, and delivers technology which works for the client environment. Kirk is also principal at Causeway Interactive.

Giorgio Porro

CRM Senior Developer
Giorgio has been involved in business analysis and data systems design/deployment for more than 15 years. Extensive experience collecting business requirements and translating them into efficient and scalable solutions. Equally comfortable in managing projects, vendors and implementation partners, as well as in hands on configuration and system development.

Seth Schori

Software Engineer
Seth Schori brings 20 years of experience at the intersection of nonprofits and technology. He recently transitioned to our Integration Frame development team where he is focused on Python and AWS. Prior to that he worked on SaaS CRM implementations and complex data conversions on our nonprofit consulting team.

Sean Adams

Software Engineer
Sean is a software engineer with 10 years of professional experience building for the web. After cutting his teeth on marketing technology and analytics implementations (including creation of one of the most trusted Google Tag Manager debugging tools, with almost 100,000 users), Sean now focuses on automation and full stack web development, bringing his experience in Javascript, Python, Ruby, and no-code / low-code tools to ensure each job is handled with the right tool.

Jason Gardy

Data Systems Architect
Jason brings more than 15 years of data system design, implementation, integration and analytics to our delivery team and combines both business process expertise with deep technical skills to operationalize systems. In addition to architecture and consolidation/integration projects, Jason is lead designer on our "Integration Frame" service and leads our development team on that product's journey to market. Jason is also Principal at "781 Group"

Thong Bui

Data Analyst & Architect
Thong brings more than 20 years of database architecture and application integration expertise to our team. His formal training in Data Science and years of operationalizing systems moves our clients forward faster! Technologies used include: AWS, mySQL, mongoDB, Oracle, XML, SQL, PL/SQL, Unix, Java, Python, Storm, Spark.

Pam Driscoll

Senior Data Analyst and Integrations Specialist
Pam is a seasoned software professional and founder of her own non-profit organization dedicated to the arts. She has deep skills in SQL and integration, with broad experience in commercial enterprise systems environments; CRM, ERP and Sales operations. Pam's combination of technical experience and her personal style afford clients an intelligence, clarity, heart, humor and enthusiasm much welcomed in our technical day to day.

Jared Fine

Senior Systems Designer
Jared brings 10+ years of technical design and systems engineering to our team. With focus and clarity, he helps our operations sustain our team as well as prepares us for each step forward we take. Jared's management of our technical infrastructure affords the Open-Issue team reliable, secure and right-fit systems with which we provide our services.

Minh Ma

CRM Senior Developer
Minh has been working with data and software for more than 20 years. His expertise ranges from SQL and data analysis to custom software development and integrations. He started to work with Salesforce since 2010 and has done numbers of data migrations from SageCRM, Goldmine, Redtail, MS CRM, etc. into Salesforce platform. He is also a software developer holding Salesforce Admin, Salesforce App Builder, Salesforce Developer I certifications. He currently works with Salesforce and Workato helping businesses automate and optimize processes across multiple silos.

Thomas Groden

Founder & Principal

Thomas began his career in data systems in 1990 after leaving his home of Chicago for a life in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a Senior Technical Consultant and Business Analyst with more than 20 years of experience in systems design, data conversions and technical team management. He has worked with large and small organizations, corporate and nonprofit.

Thomas is a graduate of Loyola University of Chicago in Economics and Finance. His interests include languages, discrete math, gardening and swimming.

Thomas is the primary contributor to the xrmdata blog.